Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pre-holiday check-in

I'm just posting a quick update before the crazy holiday week, as I realize I don't have any "days off" coming up for a bit.

November was a pretty good month for me. The horrible migraines of October finally calmed down, due mostly to the barometric pressure staying quite stable. We moved into our new condo. There was nothing to irritate my system, so my mast cells finally calmed down.

I saw the local immunologist for mast cell testing. When I had the testing done (a 24-hour urine collection), my mast cells were quite stable. Not surprisingly, my methylhistamine level was normal during that testing. More testing will need to be done at some point, but I'm not sure if this doctor will be able to help me. He did note the presence of eosophinils in my nasal passages, but thought it was not necessarily a sign of mast cell activity. I feel a bit stalled right now, not sure what to try next. I think I will have to ask him for a trial of a mast cell stabilizer sometime.

I also started teaching a few piano students in November. I'm definitely working at my maximum right now. I feel overwhelmed at times.

Especially due to some new problems in the last couple weeks. I started having trouble with sleep again, for no apparent reason. I'm also having a lot of trouble getting my joints comfortable while at rest. My hips, and especially knees, are quite painful, especially at rest.

Then, just in the last couple days, my mast cells have been acting up again. There seems to be some tiny amount of smoke seeping into our apartment, which is triggering my mast cells. (I say seems to be, because the scent is so very faint, I'm not sure anyone else can detect it.) I get headaches, pounding and racing heart, scratchy and burning throat, deep cough, and some difficulty breathing. For now, I'm trying to manage with the door wide open and the fans blowing. It helps with the apparent smoke, but boy is it cold in here!! My poor Raynaud's fingers and toes are so painful in the cold, along with my arthritic joints. We may need to get an air purifier next.

It really is always something with me. I'm still mostly looking forward to the holidays. They sure bring their own challenges. I need to continue to follow my diet pretty well, get enough rest, and get regular exercise. It will be difficult with holiday plans, but I'll do my best.

Oh yeah- I also figured out that I'm currently intolerant of corn and corn products. Just another thing to add to my avoid list.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday!