Monday, December 27, 2010

Pace yourself

I had a chance to live a more normal life, so what did I do?
-I showered, instead of bathing.
-I baked cookies.
-I ran errands.
-I drove.
-I socialized.
-I lived a life.
-I made the most of it.

-I overdid it.

It's hard to pace yourself when your body suddenly isn't telling you to stop.

But now, I'm at the bottom again, and it's a long, slow climb back up. I hope to deal with it better next time I get out. I hope I've learned. I also hope it's a shorter climb and a longer peak next time.

It's so hard being back down at the bottom, unable to get off the couch. Barely able to walk. Trouble catching my breath. Pain, extreme fatigue, overwhelming feeling of sickness. Such a long way to fall, and so suddenly. How will I ever climb back out of this hole again?