Thursday, April 12, 2012

Today is a bad day.

Today is a bad day for a few reasons.  I came down with a cold yesterday, and any type of illness makes all my symptoms worse.  I had tachycardia during the night last night while I was trying to sleep.  Very unusual for me to have while lying down.  I got a migraine yesterday and it has continued through all day today.  I also developed an intestinal obstruction yesterday...second one in a month.  So, I knew this time I had to take a stimulant laxative if I wanted to avoid the hospital.  They would do the same thing there.  It worked, but of course it worked too well, so I'm in a lot of pain today.  So my head pain level is about an 8 and my abdominal pain level is about a 7.  I still have a cold, but it mostly seems to have messed up my POTS.

I still taught my piano lessons today.  It was especially hard to make it through, but I'm still alive and no one quit, so I guess I did well enough.

Now that I'm done teaching, I'm resting with an ice pack on my head and a heating pad on my stomach.  No relief yet.

I think I have confirmed that a small amount of dairy is what caused my obstruction.  I just used a greek yogurt dip with my carrots yesterday.  But that small amount seems to be the cause of my problem, as it's the only thing that changed.  If I can be stricter about my dairy-free diet, maybe I can avoid this in the future.