Friday, May 25, 2012

Suddenly Sick Again

So, I know I've never really been well.  But this week has been dramatically worse.  Suddenly, I am as sick as I was at my very worst point.  I was in the ER on Wednesday, but they couldn't help.  I had to come down to stay at my mom's house, and I haven't even been able to change clothes since I got here.  I am so severely limited.

I sent an urgent email to Dr. B yesterday.  Here's what I wrote:


Hi Dr. B,

I'm sorry to bother you.  I know you're very busy.

This is Carolyn [Last Name].  My last surgery was a CCF-R in August 2010.  Since January, I've had an increase in migraines, digestive problems, and swallowing problems.

This week, I have had a sudden decline.  I'm having double vision, loss of balance, nausea, loss of appetite, dilated pupils, extreme tachycardia, vision in and out of focus, twitching, weakness, narcolepsy, falling when walking, and weakened voice.  I realized that wearing my old Aspen collar reduces the intense migraines/facial pain and nausea.  I've had 2 recent blackouts.  Most of these symptoms have become so intense so quickly that I am worried something is wrong.  I'm suddenly having trouble getting out of bed, after being active for over a year.

I feel that I need help right a.s.a.p.



I received a response this morning at 4:58 a.m.  Dr. B wrote that I need a follow-up appointment with him.  Then he listed x-rays and mri's that I need to have done.  The nurse and the scheduling person will be contacting me soon.

I know that this will need to be dealt with in the immediate future.  It is so dramatically different than even my worst days within the last year.  It's not just bad migraines and bad POTS.  It's a massive change in my neurological state.  My ability to eat, talk, write, and walk have all be severely impacted.

I'll update when I know where the tests will be done and when I'm going to NY.  I honestly hope that it will be very, very soon.  I can't believe my life has reverted to this so quickly.  I'm anxious to get something done about it right away.