Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 2012 photos

 Just posting some photos tonight.  The first two are pictures of my scar as it is today.

This picture is not supposed to show my angry face.  Just the normal size of my pupils, even in bright light, a sign of my autonomic dysfunction.

Here's my sweetie and me...wearing my collar, as always.

Whenever I'm not wearing my collar, I'm using my inflatable traction, as shown in this lovely photo:

Here's a shot from my 3D ct scan.  It apparently shows my C-2 screws.  The screw on the left is basically loose.  It doesn't actually penetrate the vertebral body, so it is not secure.  So I really do have a screw loose in my head!!!

And here's a lovely picture showing excessive bone growth.  But basically it's just an awesome picture of my fusion, if you can tell what's bone and what's metal.

I'll post again with updates soon.  Basically, I know I will have this surgery eventually.  I have reason to believe that the revision of the fusion will be more effective this time around.  But I'm going to put it off for now.  More later.