Monday, July 22, 2013

Sick and complaining

First, our new insurance plan started on July 1, but we haven't received the new cards yet, so I can't get any prescriptions or see any doctors right now.

So, on Thursday, I woke up with pink eye in my right eye.  Luckily, I had leftover and not too expired drops from my last case of pink eye, so I started using those, and sanitized everything I could find in the house.

Then, Friday, I woke up with a really sore throat...which is always the first sign of me getting sick.  I came down with a cold, but it wasn't too bad yet.

Friday night, I couldn't sleep too well, due to the sore throat.  Lots of salt-water gargling, lozenges, and Tylenol to get me through the night.

By Sunday, after more sleepless nights, I had a deep chest cough and mostly lost my voice.

Last night, I couldn't sleep again, from the coughing and the painful throat.

I slept a lot today, just trying to recuperate.  Feeling the same, so far.

Of course, since my body is busy fighting off this bug, everything else is worse.  My POTS symptoms are flaring, as well as potential mast cell symptoms. 

Then, of course, I have a sinus headache.  This is, of course, in addition to my regular tension headache.  And, just for fun, I've been fighting off a migraine for 8 days.  Plus, my massage therapist had to cancel, so I've gone a few weeks without a massage, making the headaches all worse.

Now, my hubby contracted my pink eye.  This is all overwhelming.  So sick.  Hoping for some relief soon.  And hoping that my hubby doesn't get my bronchitis/laryngitis thing.  It's hard living out in the middle of nowhere, far from family.  Especially when things are hard like this.

Hopefully, I'll be recovered soon, cause we're getting our new puppy in less than two weeks!

But, every illness is a setback, so I will try not to expect too much too soon from my delicate body.  This was a pretty big hit, so there will be some rebuilding to do.