Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Improvement: Not Quite Slow and Steady

So, I've been working intensely to try to improve my condition.  This means:

*Cardio for 30 minutes, every single day
*Leg exercises to add bulk to my legs to improve POTS
*Core strengthening exercises to build up my neck, back, and core

I have gained about 10 pounds of muscle.  My body is a very different one than it was just 6 weeks ago.

The improvements have been impressive, at least some of the time.

My blood pressure has improved a lot (gotten higher).  I no longer need Midodrine to raise my blood pressure regularly.

My heart rate is often improved.  It's still usually high in the mornings, but slows down by mid-afternoon.

Of course, I still have bad days.  I can't pinpoint the cause of the ups and downs.  Perhaps I overdo it one day, and the following couple days are worse.  On bad days, I still have low blood pressure, fast or slow heart rate, migraines, fatigue, and brain fog.  But even on bad days, I do not skip my cardio.

I am starting to add back students to my piano studio, gradually.  I have a lot of anxiety about this.  I am so scared that by adding even one or two hours of work, just a few days a week, I will not be able to stick to my exercise routine.

And exercise is key to any improvements I've been experiencing.

It's a very delicate balance.  But I'm doing everything in my power to get healthy.

I still can't go without my rigid neck collar.  If I do, I develop a headache, followed by nausea, followed by reduced consciousness.  That's a sign that something is still wrong.  But for now, I'm just going to wear my collar and manage symptoms, because nothing else has been recommended for me at this time.

If I continue to have problems that PT/exercise cannot help, I will consider seeking a second opinion on my fusion with Dr. Fraser Henderson.  For now, I'm plugging away.