Saturday, October 17, 2009

Symptom Categories

The ice-pick in the eye pain went away. YAY!!! So I haven't needed too much pain medicine today. However, my body was still very sick today.

I'm going to write a description of the different types of complaints I have:

If I say that I have pain:
-Pain in the head/eyes/temples/jaw
-Skin hurts to the touch
-Joint pain all over
-Muscle aches
-Aches in torso

If I say that I am sick:
-Like having the flu
-Achy all over

Low BP/Heart/Breathing/Oxygen
-I have low blood pressure, making me feel tired and weak
-Zoning out/brain fog
-Pounding heart
-Shortness of breath (oxygen is not being transported efficiently)

Torture headache
-Beyond my usual headache
-Pain level at 8-10
-Usually the feeling of ice picks over one or both eyes

Just so you know what I'm talking about.