Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Weekend

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, which was a lot of fun, but also quite a strain to get through. Tomorrow is my mom's wedding, which will be a wonderful day, but also a huge physical challenge. It is so important that tomorrow is NOT about me. That means: no passing out, no semi-conscious spells, no severe pain episodes that disrupt this important day. That's quite a challenge. Currently, my body is punishing me for the very active day yesterday (two different holiday dinners in different towns, and a game of pool). Today is payday. Every time I do more than I should, I pay for it later. There is no escape!!! Nothing comes free. So, today, I spent about an hour unconscious. Since then, I've been trying to rest with overwhelming head pain (about an 8, I guess...). It also hurts to move my body at all. Even typing. So I will keep resting and spend the day in bed. Hopefully, I can take a bath tonight, so I'm fresh and clean for the big day, tomorrow.

The other big news: It seems that I may be able to make a trip out to Maryland to see Dr. Francomano in the new year. Nothing is certain yet. But it is at least a possibility. It would be wonderful to see her, because she fully understands patients just like me, with Chiari, Cranial settling/instability, EDS, and POTS. If I were her patient, she would be able to help me get through the challenges of recovering from my upcoming surgery, which will hopefully be in the spring. I'll post more once I actually have some concrete information, not just an idea.