Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dear June

I sent a message to June last night. I think it summarizes my current concerns:

Hi June,

This is Carolyn Richardson. I'm writing with a problem. I'm not sure who to go to for help, but it seems that your and Dr. B's opinion would be the most helpful place to start in trying to figure out my current situation. I got married sixteen days ago. The wedding day was fabulous. I was able to stand a lot of the day and even dance for a couple hours in the evening, though we did sit during the ceremony. Not surprisingly, the first week after the wedding, I rested a lot to recover from the exhausting day.

One week after the wedding, my husband and I moved into a new apartment. This day, there was a lot of cleaning, packing, lifting, and moving into the new place. It was a very strenuous day. I rested a lot, and I didn't carry anything too heavy, but I tried to do my part in any way I could. Since moving day, I have become sicker and sicker, and I have now been completely bedbound for 5 days. I'm having troubled describing the symptoms to family, because they are not exactly like my usual symptoms. They are a little different. If I am not laying flat, I now get a headache and nausea again. But my worst problem is a severe, burning pain in my upper thoracic spine that is very difficult to alleviate without very specific positioning. It also comes with severe nausea. And I've lost my appetite almost completely. I have a sense that my spine is being compressed intensely, and that it makes me choke and gag, along with the pain in my thoracic spine, and later, the headache.

I don't want to get stuck in this whole bedbound thing again, as I had just been getting healthier and I've been exercising regularly. I had even just begun looking for work again. I am on the verge of beginning my new life, in a new state, with my new marriage, healthier than ever. But the move has crushed me.

What should I try at this point? The pain in my back is so intense, I can barely find a tolerable position to rest in. And I can't sit up for long, because the nausea overtakes me. I'm also just transitioning to a new insurance, so I haven't seen anyone locally yet, but I should be able to very soon.

Are there any scans I can have done, to check on my fusion, or on the spine (area between the shoulder blades)? I'm sure I could get my GP to rewrite them.

Do you have any thoughts on what these symptoms could be?

Thank you so much for your help.