Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm sorry if my last post painted a sad picture-my mood is definitely affected by the long days alone in my apartment. However, it's not all so bleak. My dear husband, Gmex, is the best partner I could ask for. He is constantly supportive of me. He takes care of me on days I need it, but also encourages me to do as much as I can comfortably do. He is always thinking of what might make my life easier and more comfortable. He's very patient when my body gives out or my mood plummets (or both happen at the same time!). All while working toward his PhD way more than full-time.

I couldn't have asked for or expected to find such an ideal life partner for myself. I know I'm a very lucky one, as chronic illness destroys so many relationships. We just make the most out of the time we can spend together. I obviously try to be as supportive and helpful as possible, but he deserves most of the credit for making it work. I know there are more good men out there. But I have the only one I'll ever need. I hope that everyone in my life finds this kind of satisfaction, recognizes it, and appreciates it.

In other news, I'm dealing with migraines that may be cluster headaches. Unfortunately, insurance only covers 8 Relpax a month, and I have the torture headache more than 8 consecutive days when they come. It's gone for now, but I am so scared for when it will start again. I have an appointment at a headache clinic in January.

I had an ob-gyn scare, but the biopsy came back clear. Ultrasound will be tomorrow.

Finally, there is a fascinating new theory on the cause of the EDS/POTS/Cranio-cervical Instability conundrum. Dr. Diana Driscoll has these conditions, as do her children, and she's been conducting clinical trials to support her theory. You can find it at http://www.prettyill.com.

Hope everyone is doing well. Happy Thanksgiving!