Thursday, April 25, 2013

Six Weeks Post-Op

Please consider donating to my medical expense fund.  Surgery is expensive.  So is recovery!   Thank you so much to everyone that has donated!  This wouldn't be possible without your help!!!

Things are continuing to improve, just very gradually.

I've had two unexpected improvements from surgery:
1. My digestion and food sensitivities have improved a lot!  I seem to tolerate gluten okay, at least small portions.  I can also tolerate small amounts of dairy without a problem!
2. My hormone regulation has improved.  (I formerly had amenorrhea for 1 1/2 years, but that has resolved.)

I don't know how to explain either of these things really, but I appreciate being a little more normal.

Post-surgical issues are still improving gradually.  This includes my POTS symptoms, my muscle tightness, my surgical pain, my muscle weakness, my endurance, etc.

The POTS symptoms are the most challenging, functionally.  These include:
-unstable blood pressure
-unstable heart rate
-shortness of breath
-tightness in chest
-extreme fatigue
-exercise intolerance

These symptoms affect my life a lot.  The mornings and early afternoons are still when my POTS symptoms are worse.  Also, if I overdo my exercise or activity level, it may cause an episode later that day, or not until the following day.  I don't get any immediate feedback from my body that I am overdoing it.  So I have to carefully measure and track the amount of activity I have each day, and the amount of time spent upright.

Surgical pain and muscle tightness are still daily (and nightly) issues, and will probably remain issues for some time...especially as I try to become gradually more active.  The pain is worse when I sit up and when I move.  I also have trouble with bumpy rides in the car.  I don't get out much yet.  So I also have to find a balance between increasing activity, and pushing my body too hard.  Sometimes, I overdo it, and the pain becomes too much.

I finally got my bone growth stimulator today!  It is an electromagnetic device that I wear over my collar.  I am to wear it for four hours a day, for several months.  I will continue to wear it until I have x-ray confirmation that there is a successful bony fusion.

Thanks for still caring, after all this time.