Friday, May 3, 2013

Recovery and Setbacks

Please consider donating to my medical expense fund.  Surgery is expensive.  So is recovery!   Thank you so much to everyone that has donated!  This wouldn't be possible without your help!!! 

Every recovery has its setbacks, and this one is unfortunately no different.  After a few weeks of relative peace, with my condition gradually improving, this week has been a setback.

I've had a change in my POTS symptoms.  My blood pressure is no longer low.  I don't need Florinef or Midodrine to keep it in the normal range.  This is great news!  Unfortunately, I'm not feeling any better, because I've developed constant tachycardia.  Not just orthostatic tachycardia.  Constant tachycardia.  Perhaps the related autonomic condition called Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia.  This makes me feel very short of breath all the time.  It really feels like I'm running, even when I'm laying down or sitting.

I don't want this condition to prevent me from working hard on my recovery.  I still need to exercise on the recumbent bike twice a day.  Unfortunately, I'm not able to walk around much right now, because my heart gets out of control.

So, we've booked an appointment with Dr. Grubb's PA, Beverly.  We'll be driving out to Toledo for an appointment on May 20th.  I've just got to survive until then.  This is so freaking exhausting.  It's one thing after the next with this recovery, as usual.