Friday, April 4, 2008

Another day of symptoms

Today, I'm having a pretty severe muscle spasm deep in my neck that is causing radiating pain into my head and right shoulder and arm. Too bad my massage therapist is too scared to massage so closely to my titanium rods. (Not that I can afford a massage!)

Other than that, it's just like every other day...nausea is pretty bad, especially when I'm upright. My head pressure feels quite high. My POTS symptoms are a little better than normal, because I haven't been too out of breath today.

I have a few piano lessons to teach today. The vitamin B-12 seems to be helping a bit with my energy, so hopefully my other symptoms won't keep me from teaching.

I just have to keep pressing onward, even when it just feels endless. I know it sounds silly to say, but why can't these symptoms just go away? Leave me alone! Let me live my life! It's just so frustrating to keep going every day. I just wonder if I'll ever get any better. I'm having surgery this summer in the hopes of getting better. There's no way I would put my body through that if I didn't have hope that it would help. But I also realistically know that some people aren't helped.