Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Schedule- lots of appointments

Today, May 20th: Orthotist, fitted for new aspen vista collar

May 22nd: Dr. Kwon, urologist, for urodynamics testing

May 23rd: Dr. Johnson, dentist, to fix the chip in my tooth (that happened when I was intubated a couple weeks ago). Also, Gus' ACL replacement surgery happens this day.

May 27th: Orthotist, fitting for CTO jacket; also this day, Dr. Guske for gallbladder follow-up

May 28th: Dr. Gauthier, wisdom tooth extraction (I won't be asleep!)

June 10th: Dr. Jobski, cardiologist, for EKG and cardiac clearance

Still need to schedule appointments with:

Endocrinologist (for osteopenia treatment)
Physical therapist (for cervical musculature strengthening)
Opthalmologist (to check my blurred optic discs)

It's all a bit overwhelming. And I hate doctor's offices. But, I love my new aspen collar!!! It's so supportive. New pictures to come, if I ever get around to it.