Thursday, May 29, 2008


My gallbladder recovery is going really well. My digestion is improving so much. I believe that I am still lactose intolerant, but not completely dairy-intolerant anymore. I still won't be eating much fried foods, and I haven't tried red meat. But I'll be experimenting.

Yesterday, the day of wisdom tooth extraction, was a tough one. The trauma to my jaw area made my headache almost unbearable. Also, I took a Dilaudid for pain first, and it actually did nothing! When I switched to Vicodin, it got much better. So, I guess different pain meds work for different kinds of pain. Unfortunately, with all of the narcotics, my digestion has halted. But I won't worry yet, because I didn't eat any solid food yesterday. Today, I'm going to try out some muffins and some macaroni and cheese--yes, cheese! What a convenient time to be able to eat lactose-free dairy!

So, today is much better than yesterday. And I'm ready to start thinking about the big surgery again!