Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I found this list of symptoms. It was a pre-surgical list I made in June 2008. Unfortunately, since then, I only had to add symptoms...not remove any. It's not perfectly organized anymore, because I had to add so many things. I'll have to fix it sometime. But, here's the updated symptoms list.

constant pressure headache (pushing out around the skull)
facial pain through cheekbones
jaw pain--tires easily, making it difficult to chew
eye pressure/pain
Usually worsened by light and low sounds
migraines 3-5 days per week

Nausea/fatigue/sick feeling
every day after doing too much
some days after doing nothing

Back pain
lower spine, mid spine, neck, muscle spasms in neck and shoulders

always when upright in mornings
sometimes during sleep (very infrequent)
heartbeat irregularities/arrhythmias
orthostatic intolerance
heart working extra hard and pounding

Low blood pressure
from standing (5 minutes still, 15 minutes walking)
spells several times a week--semi-conscious

fall several times a day
legs giving out

Heavy head
after holding head up for 30 minutes

Swallowing problems
trouble swallowing pills-need chin down, sometimes gets stuck
choke on food and water
water inhaled and throat closes

Wake up sweating and shivering

Bladder problems
early signs of loss of bladder control
frequent urination
feels like a constant need to urinate

Out of it/easily startled/confusion/difficulty concentrating/aphasia/

Sleep problems
difficulty staying asleep

Bone and joint pain

Skin sensitivity/allodynia

Poor proprioception

Painful tingling in heels

Orthostatic intolerance and exercise intolerance

Vertigo spells

Clumsiness/dysequilibrium/loss of balance/decreased reflexes

Pupil dilation

Muscle spasms
sharp pain and burning in shoulders

Temperature control problems/patches of goosebumps/chills/overheating

Episodes of cranio-cervical instability
pounding heart