Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving update

Well, I had a blood test last week, and the nurse called to tell me that I need to discuss the results with the doctor (my general practitioner, Dr. Ghanshyam Shah). I'm assuming that he also discovered the hyperparathyroidism. I have an appointment with him scheduled for this Tuesday. Maybe that means I will get some credible information about a week earlier than expected. I'm still, of course, waiting for my appointment with Dr. Pauline Camacho, the endocrinologist at Loyola, on December 8th.

My general body aches have been getting progressively worse. Hopefully, this is due to the parathyroid problem, and could be easily fixed. I'm really hoping that I'll be able to schedule the removal surgery a.s.a.p., because I've been feeling worse and worse.

The other thing that is progressing is my cranio-cervical instability. During spells, I feel my brain ache and feel heavy, and I get extreme nausea. I know that this is the exact feeling that restricted me to bed not so many years ago. In some ways, I can't wait for the fusion surgery to matter what I have to go through, in the hopes that I may actually get better this time. I think there is reason to believe that this is the time. This is the surgery that will finally help! I hope I don't have to become completely debilitated before it is time for surgery, though.

If nothing else, this little parathyroid operation should be awesome. It's known to have a fast recovery, no side effects, and quick results!!! It will only ease a few of my worsening symptoms, not all of them. But even that will be worth it!