Saturday, December 6, 2008

Random extras

I have a bunch of little things going on.

1) I know that my new medication, Neptazane, is responsible for the new tingling in my hands and feet, and I need to email my TCI nurse about this, because it could be the sign of a more serious side effect.

2) I had a very high non-fasting glucose reading, combined with a low CO2 reading, leading my doctor to do a glycohemoglobin test, which is an initial test for diabetes. This was done Tuesday, and I waited to hear of the results all week, but I guess I'll wait a little longer. This could potentially be a new diagnosis. UGH!!!

3) I've developed insomnia recently. For about 5 weeks, I've awoken in the middle of the night and not been able to get back to sleep without Klonopin. This week, the Klonopin hasn't even helped. Last night, I tried a Valium, which normally knocks me out. I was WIDE AWAKE all night. Normally, I can't even function on Valium. Last night, I stayed awake reading my book all night!!! I was sure it had to be caused by a medication, but the only new medication is Neptazane, which does not have insomnia as a side effect. So, I have no idea what's going wrong with me. But certainly, the insomnia is contributing to my worsening fatigue. Which leads us to:

4) Worsening fatigue: I've pretty much been sleeping all day until it's time to get ready for work around 2:30, and I'm practically falling asleep at work and driving and wherever I go. I wonder if I should have a new sleep study, like the last time I had such narcolepsy.

That's all, except for an extra thank you to everyone in my life who helps me through these ridiculous problems.