Monday, December 8, 2008

Good News Day!!!

Today was the day for good news.

#1 I got in touch with Dr. Shah's office. My glycohemoglobin test came back perfectly normal. No diabetes, no prediabetes, no change in diet needed. Perfect!!!

#2 I saw Dr. Camacho at Loyola. She told me that I have SECONDARY hyperparathyroidism causing my osteopenia. The raised parathyroid levels are due to a Vitamin D deficiency. The treatment is a megadose of Vitamin D once a week (50,000 IU's- The normal dose is closer to 500 iu's). She expects this once a week treatment to improve my bone density in several months. She expects symptoms like achyness, soreness, bone and joint pain, fatigue, and depression to all begin to ease after approximately 4 weeks of treatment. There is nothing wrong with the parathyroid gland itself, so nothing more needs to be done. Just start taking the megadose of vitamin D and have my urine/blood/bone tests again in April.

So, thank God for good news.

I am very tired with a great deal of pain tonight (about a 7 right now), so I'm going to rest and try to enjoy the good news.