Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Missed Day

I couldn't work today. I couldn't catch my breath and my heart was racing whenever I was upright. The headache, nausea, and knee pain were bad, too. So even though I really need the work, I wasn't able to drive to the different houses for lessons, so I had to stay home. Really, my whole body was rebelling. It just did not want to be upright. So, that sucks. I don't know how I can maintain this schedule. I can only hope that next Tuesday is better. I don't want to lose those students!

So, another complication is that I'm home alone tonight. My plan to avoid a psychological meltdown is distraction. I just finished watching Juno, which is a really fun movie. Now, prime time shows are on, so I'm sure I'll find something. If only Subway delivered, then I could eat dinner! But I'm fine. There are snacks here. I just can't stand around very long getting them.

So, it's a rough night, but could be worse.