Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Knee problems

This pictures shows the anatomy of the knee. By looking at it, I can guess at what's wrong with my knees. The LCL's must be very loose, causing the fibulas to dislocate...all the time. I'm sure that they are so loose that they're never really in the socket. The fibulas just slide around all the time. I wonder what kind of damage this is causing. It sure hurts a lot!!! It hurts all the time...not just when I walk, not just when I stand, not just when I move my legs around. It hurts when I drive, when I sit, when I rest, even when I lie down!!! That's how I know I need to do something about it. I hope it is something that can be helped. I've been wearing Ace bandages on my knees, and it seems to help a bit, but not enough. What if it's too late and the damage has already been done?

My shoulders and my hips also have this kind of hypermobility. It just doesn't cause too much pain, yet. I better watch out, because eventually, they will all be in trouble.

I also have a weird sensation in my calf. It feels like a bug is crawling around on my leg. Really annoying.

My other issue is having patches of skin sensitivity. Right now, it's an area on my left forearm. It doesn't look like anything is wrong, but if you touch it, at all, it hurts a lot!!!

Stupid body is falling apart. I'm so tired of being so sick. It's so hard get get through even the easiest days. I can't wait for surgery. I wonder when I'll hear from Dr. Menezes. I wonder what he'll say. I guess I'll keep busy with other doctors until then.