Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The shortness of breath and knee pain have been worse lately. I need to figure out what kind of doctor to see for the pain in my knees. They hurt even when I am at rest. I'm wearing knee braces. They hurt all the time. I may see a rheumatologist. Who knows?

I'm still choking on pills pretty often. I really need to lie down to swallow anything.

I have a pretty bad spinal pain, too: pain around C-4 to C-5 (under my fusion), pain in the middle of my T-spine, and pain at L-4 (where I had my detethering).

I'm not sure if the chiropractic treatments are helping, but I'm still going to every treatment (3 days a week), even though it is a strain on my body to fit it into my schedule.

We're leaving on Thursday for Madison to attend the ASAP Conference on Friday. We chose to go to only one day, but we'll be seeing quite a few important doctors, including Dr. Batzdorf, Dr. Menezes, Dr. Bolognese, and Dr. Grim. Very cool. I'm just worried that it's so early in the morning. (It starts at 8:30 am.) Yikes! I've been sleeping 'til noon lately. And I never get dressed until the afternoon. We'll see how it goes.

I'm exhausted and hoping to be able to make it to work today.