Wednesday, December 23, 2009

rambling thoughts

Too sick to write for real. Just thoughts...

Still restricted to bed. Can't be touched, cause it hurts. palpitations resonating through my upper body every 10 seconds. hot and cold flashes are painful and frequent.

trying to avoid e.r. they won't help. so what will? cardiologist will only deal with palpitations

how to get a doctor to take me seriously. dr. g is known to make me cry by saying that i just need to exercise. but he's the only pots doctor i have.

paroxysmal rage and crying spells are making me scary and useless. maybe i'm just mentally unstable

Dr. W--look into sleep meds for worsening insomnia

Custom CTO? How to get one. If it would help.

Dr. K--help with emotional pain

how to keep living this life? when you just don't want to anymore. nothing anyone does can actually help.

poor buttons, my puppy with gallbladder disease, she hurts all the time. she has no choice but to wait, too.

consider a port for frequent fluid infusions. symptoms seem to lessen with increased salt and fluids