Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun updates

Took a walk with Buttons tonight around our little pond.

They're putting up public grills for barbecuing around our complex. Buttons was scared to death of this new addition, and barked at it ferociously. We dragged her up to the grill to sniff it. I lifted her up for a more thorough inspection. And still, as soon as we put her down, she ran away from it.

Plus, there was an enormous BEAVER in our pond. For real. This is largest rodent found in North America. It was so weird, and a little scary, since they are quite vicious. But what a sight! Gus estimates it at 55 lbs.

I'm gonna go make some cookies tonight. It's nice to have a day with good energy. I still wasn't able to leave the house until 3:00, and haven't been very active...but better energy than most days.