Sunday, October 19, 2008

The biggest stressor this week is that my poor little dog, Buttons, who has become my constant companion, got very sick. Over the weekend, Gus and I went out with some friends. While we were gone, Buttons freaked out and destroyed the house. She vomited everywhere, and also tore up a plastic grocery bag. But apparently, she swallowed quite a bit of that grocery bag. She really doesn't like to be alone. They've considered operating many times this week, but it seems to finally be moving through.

I've been trying out the new medication to reduce cerebro-spinal fluid production, Neptazane. Along with it, I have to take Micro-K, which is a potassium supplement. The Neptazane is going okay. I have to gradually increase to be sure my body can tolerate the higher doses. So, I can't tell if it's helping my headache yet or not. Unfortunately, I've found that my body cannot tolerate the potassium. So, I'll be trying to supplement with potassium in my diet, and hope that it's enough. I'll be getting a blood test in a couple weeks to see if it's enough.

Today, I've been unable to do anything...all day so far. I was stuck on the couch unable to move. I'm gonna do my best to go to the grocery store and do some cooking before the end of the day, but that just may not be possible.