Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dr. Camacho, endocrinologist

So, this week, I saw Dr. Camacho, the director of the Osteoporosis Clinic at Loyola. She is brilliant and quite interested in my unique situation. She's ordered a lot of tests to be done, and I'll be seeing her for a follow-up in 8 weeks. She will be doing research on treatment of my particular bone density situation. She would like to get in contact with Dr. Bolognese or Dr. Kula, because she isn't sure that a medication for bone density would be safe in someone my age. They haven't been researched very much in young women. Also, she explained to me that our bone density doesn't even peak until age 30, which would mean that my bone density may not be low, but maybe I'm just a bit behind the curve, which would be normal for me, since so many things in my body happen a little later than expected. I even remember having Dr. Grubb explain to me that my life span will be a little stretched out...for some reason I can't recall, which explains why I have always looked so young for my age/developed late, etc.

This weekend is a mix of things. Gus and I had a nice night with friends yesterday, but found out that Buttons can't handle the anxiety of being left alone. She had a horrible night, left our apartment a mess, and hasn't been herself all day. My poor puppy!