Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bedbound weekend

I had a good week. I got a lot done, and visited with family, too.

This weekend, my instability symptoms became unbearable. Friday night, I developed the worst instability headache. It kept me awake in agony the whole night, with very little sleep. All day Saturday, every time I sat up, I got sickening waves of nausea. I couldn't eat anything except a bit of pudding all day. I tried eating other foods, but I can only eat while lying flat, and I have to be able to digest that food while horizontal...always a challenge. Also, I have to find food that seems palatable when I am so nauseated. So for Saturday, it was only pudding.

Overnight last night, the headache was not as invasive, but I still had several hours in the middle of the night where I was wide awake and incredibly uncomfortable.

Today, I made it over to the couch to watch a movie with Gus. I ate my cereal for breakfast, but the waves of nausea are still strong when I sit up for more than a minute.

I really don't know how long this severity of symptoms will last, but as long as it does, I won't be able to drive, work, or even eat and take care of myself very well. But I lived for so long with these symptoms, that I fear that they could last until surgery, which still has no set time.

The only dates I have to look forward to are April 26th, when I will see Dr. Camacho, who will order my next DEXA scan. If this scan can confirm that my bone density is improving, then I will make an appointment with The Chiari Institute in New York. They know about my current condition, and they understand that surgery will be needed a.s.a.p. Maybe I could try to make the appointment ahead of time, to be sure there isn't a long waiting period. I just don't know the exact dates I would want for an appointment...especially if the appointment and surgery are all in one trip.

I just so desperately need things to get better soon, somehow, someway. It's so hard to live like this.