Saturday, March 28, 2009

Still sick

Day 8 of my mystery fever. It's quite unusual for me to have a fever at all, as my body temperature runs so low. But my eyes and face have been burning. Abdominal pain was not too bad today. But lethargy hit me hard about the time my Provigil wore off. At 5:00, I fell into a deep sleep. Even when I woke up, I didn't move until 9:00; not an inch. My whole body felt so heavy that I just stayed in the same position. Now, I'm not sure how my nighttime sleep will be.

I did PT yesterday, and even though we did all lying down exercises, just the straining put the pressure in my head through the roof. I thought I was decompressed! My headache has still been killing me all day today.

All in all, a completely unproductive day. I got nothing done, except study my Spanish verb conjugations a bit. I learned the preterite tense of regular verbs today. But that's it. Gus has been great. He's so good at taking care of me and being understanding. I love him so much and his patience amazes me. But it's still hard for me not to feel guilty that our relationship is sometimes so limited and one-sided: he takes care of me. It's hard to be romantic and loving when you're so very sick...all the time!!!