Thursday, March 26, 2009

No more...

This headache will not go away. I can't sleep much, and I'm needing a lot of pain meds just to get by.

But in addition, I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for this recurrence of my gallbladder-type pain. Apparently, a lot of people develop problems after gallbladder removal. One reason is that a stone could have been left behind or a new stone could have formed within the bile duct. Another problem has to do with the drainage of bile causing esophagitis and gastritis. A less likely problem is that one of the sphincters in the area is spasming, causing extra pressure in the ducts. Whatever it is, it seems that this resurgence of gallbladder pain, in addition to the low grade fever, nausea, and increased acid reflux, could all be related to some problem in this region. Hopefully, the doctor I see tomorrow will be willing to order the necessary tests and figure out what is wrong quickly...and then be able to fix it! I need to be taken seriously, since this problem seems to be getting worse, and the pain is competing with my headache at this point.

So, that just feels like one too many things to handle right now, while my instability symptoms are so bad. I just would like this to be resolved easily, for once. Unfortunately, I always tend to be a "special" case, so we'll just see what happens.

There's only so much pain a body can handle at once. My arms don't hurt. That's all I can think of right now. Everything else does hurt. I just can't handle much more.