Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New allergist

I saw a new allergist this week. My allergies have been contributing to my misery. My skin gets itchy and looks like it is covered in bug bites. Plus, my eyes and knows get so itchy that I just may rub them off one day. All that, and I'm already on Zyrtec, Optivar eyedrops, Astelin nosespray, and Benedryl as needed. I also use saline nose spray and a Neti Pot at times. Nothing's working...

So, I went back to the allergist, even though the last time I was there, they tested me for everything, and the only allergy I tested positive for was milk. And I am clearly allergic to dogs, cats, grass, trees, and other outdoor things. I saw a new allergist, and he's having me try some new things.

Dr. Handoyo is really great. I switched from Zyrted to Xyzal. I added a nasal steroid called Veramyst. And when things get really bad, I can try Atarax instead of Benedryl (since I'm immune to Benedryl these days). So, at least it's a plan.

He also ordered a blood test, to be sure there isn't any type of immune process going on. I just have to figure out when I can give up some of my blood, considering it makes me weak and faint to lose even one vial.

More doctor's appointments coming this week, including the pain doctor, the ladies' doctor, and the dermatologist. Fun, fun, fun!