Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Swallowing pills

I've been having more and more trouble swallowing pills. It requires me to recline back, arch my back, and drop my chin down and head back. Even then, I often fail. The pill slides back and forth between my throat and my esophagus. This is called dysphagia.

I found something that is very helpful, especially for larger pills with a rough surface. It's called Spray 'N Swallow. It's a pleasant tasting spray oil that you coat your pills with, which helps them go down easier. (I recommend the Wintergreen.) It may not be a miracle. I still have trouble sometimes. But less often, and less trouble. I still need to recline to get a good angle, but I don't need to arch my back so much. I still sometimes have the pill get stuck, but I've found that an extra spray right into my throat can help.

Just a thought, if anyone else is having trouble with dysphagia. I know after my next fusion, the swallowing is only expected to get worse.