Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In bed another day/IBS problems

Well...I'm in bed again's been the norm for so long. But sometimes it's all I can do.

My digestion has gotten worse the past few days. No matter what I eat, I'm getting horrible abdominal pain after each meal. I've been following the diet recommended by Heather at for a year now. And it's a wonderful thing. But sometimes, it isn't quite enough. I take soluble fiber supplementation and peppermint oil pills and I have several prescriptions for stomach spasms. But some nights nothing helps but curling up with a heating pad. My digestive difficulties are most likely caused by my dysautonomia, as digestion is a function of the autonomic nervous system.

Also, it's gotten harder to sit up lately. The nausea becomes so strong and I feel a lump in my throat when I swallow. These are symptoms of cranio-cervical instability and retroflexed odontoid. I went to a movie with my mom yesterday, and I barely made it through. I tried wearing my old Aspen collar. Unfortunately, it doesn't really fit anymore, which is just another sign that my fusion didn't really hold.

This is in addition to my usual headache, which hasn't left me for many years. I got a short break after my first decompression surgery. After that, it just kept getting worse.