Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Upcoming surgical possibilities

I've recently completed a batch of tests and Dr. Bolognese has concluded that I need at least one more operation, to be done this summer.

I've been diagnosed with a severe case of Occult Tight Filum Terminale, which is a form of Tethered Cord. He proposes performing a section filum terminale surgery to detach my spinal cord from my tailbone, since it is being pulled too tightly, elongating my brainstem and increasing tension and pressure. A full explanation is included below.

In addition, he says that it is quite likely that my cranio-cervical fusion has failed. In order to determine this with certainty, he proposes another round of cervical traction (We all remember how fun that was the first time around.) If it has failed, it would be necessary to re-fuse my cranio-cervical junction, but only after the detethering surgery has been done.