Monday, July 28, 2008

I've been having some good days and some bad days, as usual. Physical therapy on Saturday was difficult, because I had a few blackouts that morning. My heart rate and blood pressure were out of control. I could barely stay conscious when upright. I've scheduled the rest of my appointments for the afternoon, so I won't have to try to exercise in the morning (Yes, noon counts as morning, for me!).

Then, Sunday, I overdid it. I went to IKEA with Gus, his sister, and his nephew, and she bought us a beautiful kitchen table for our apartment. Unfortunately, I used up way too much energy. My body ached all night.

Today, despite getting a short sleep last night, my heart rate and blood pressure were a million times better at physical therapy. The difference between a noon appointment and a 3:00 appointment is like night and day (or morning and afternoon, as the case may be!). I'm a different person. Today, I did quite well in physical therapy. I felt like I got a good core workout...I don't have my 4-pack abs back yet, but I'll get there.

My parents' divorce was finalized today. The next two weeks will be spent moving (in two different directions, for me!). So, it's a very stressful time. It's quite emotionally and physically challenging. So, I'll do my best to get through.