Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pictures, all mixed up...not in the perfect order

I apologize that these pictures are all out of order. Blogger does not make it easy to change the order of anything. I'll be lucky if the captions match the pictures. But at least I was able to load them all on here, finally!

Resting at Christmas...reasons why I need surgery

First steps after surgery

Gus, Aunt Corinne, and Uncle Greg, all in my hospital room in New York

A visit from Aunt Corinne and Uncle Greg (quite a ways to travel to visit me in the hospital for a few days). I'm so lucky to have such a supportive family.

A Havanese puppy we visited at the pet store the night before surgery.

A delicious last meal, combined with some retail therapy!!!

Me and Danielle, my Australian tethered cord friend

A visit from some chiari friends in the hospital room

Taking a nap after surgery

Me and Dad in the recovery room.

Me and my Mom in the recovery room after surgery

My rash from the antibiotic (no more penicillin family drugs for me)

Me and Gustavo after surgery (with my red nose from the allergic reaction)

Me and my little brother, Rob, after surgery

On our way to the mall...a good distraction before traction.

Me with my dog visitor, Petey

My Australian friend, Danielle, with her Dad

Hanging out with Gus the night before surgery.

Finishing my the waiting room before surgery. So great to have a distraction.

My beautiful incision...a bit irritated and itchy

In the hotel room after surgery

No-Rinse Shampoo Cap

Me with Petey, the therapy dog :)

Dad, Me, and older brother, Chris

A last look at my back intact...