Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life has been going okay. My sweetie, Gustavo (Gus), is out of town. He's visiting family in Mexico. So that makes things a little boring and lonely for me.

Physical therapy is going pretty well. We do stretches, electro-stimulation, and some very gentle exercises laying down.

I've developed an intense muscle spasm to the left of my lumbar spine. Luckily, my dad is quite adept at massage, so he's been able to help me keep it at bay. It's causing me all kinds of pain, and it contributes to my difficulty sitting.

I still am not able to sit in one place for long. We saw a movie on Monday night, and I had to be walking around and stretching for the whole second half of the movie. But that won't stop me from going back today. Luckily, our local cheap theater has had some pretty good movies showing..."What Happens in Vegas", "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", and today "Baby Mama". So that's good at keeping me busy.

I'm still pretty busy with the puppy, too. She is a real sweetheart. My malteses have yet to accept her, so there is some extra tension in the house. But she's quite attached to me, and I have to say: I'm becoming quite attached to her, too.