Friday, July 11, 2008


Hi everyone.

I'm back to posting on my blog, for the reason I mentioned earlier...I don't want to bother people who don't want an update about every single step of my recovery.

On Monday, I got my stitches taken out. What a relief! I barely felt it, with the exception of the drain stitch, which was very deep and sensitive. So the skin is definitely less irritated each day.

I started physical therapy on Thursday. I think it will be great. I'm seeing Dr. Jamie Bartolli. She's very understanding about my back, and I'm sure she'll be very helpful with my recovery. She doesn't quite understand my POTS yet. She asked how I know I'm not just out of shape. So, hopefully, she'll read up on that and have a better understanding of my ridiculous heart rate and need for salt pills as we go.

My dad bought a puppy over the weekend. It was unexpected, and has added quite a bit of work to my day, but she is a sweet little girl. She's a shih-tzu...lived in a pet store cage for 6 months. So she's gradually blossoming each day. She would love to play with our other dogs, but they are not so happy about her arrival. She's not house-trained yet, either, so she's a lot of work. But she's very loving. I wanted to name her Winnie, but it seems that her name is Snuggles. (I liked my name, better.)

That's where I'm at. Thank you again for all of the support.