Friday, April 3, 2009

A good day...with lots of symptoms

I had a good day, kind of. I went to physical therapy and went to a movie with my mom tonight. Plus, I made brownies. That's a lot of accomplishment for one day.

I did have tons of symptoms, though...some weird enough to mention.

--Increasing headache throughout the day, and worse with exercise. Very sunken halo feel now. Gotta do traction before bed
--POTS symptoms
--Continuing fever for parts of the day, day 14
--Cold intolerance, chills
--Vertigo spells, frequent but brief
--Tingling in face...mostly cheeks, lips, and TONGUE. Yes. My tongue has been tingling. Especially when I drink feels like there's electricity going through weird.

Other than that, I miss Gus, because he's out of town for a conference. That's why I'm spending Friday night at my mom's house.

Okay, my eyes are killing me. Hope the traction helps tonight. 23 more days until my endocrinology appointment...which will lead to my next DEXA scan...which should get me approved for surgery. Based on schedules of family, it seems that my surgery can't be before June, so I'm currently hoping for the very beginning of June. Recognizing that all of that is completely dependent upon passing my DEXA scan.