Sunday, April 19, 2009

Symptom Watch

Today has been mostly a day of rest. I have had a terrible pain in the mid-thoracic region of my spine, between my shoulder blades. It hurts when I inhale. I've had pain in this area before. I can only assume it's an area where a vertebra is not as stable as it should be due to EDS, causing arthritis-like pain. It has been a very debilitating pain today, too. Then, when I saved up all my energy to make dinner, I was too nauseated to actually eat it. Great. Also, I've had to take the strong pain meds today, which has made me really itchy.

So, that's pretty much my day. I got through another 100 pages in The Invisible Man, which is still a bit of a challenge to get through. I don't mind the content, but the style is strange, as well as the seemingly disjointed plot. (Again, no one should actually take my literary criticisms seriously. What do I know?)

Anyway, things are going okay. I'm in traction right now, hoping to reduce the nausea a bit. So much for eating real meals. And unfortunately, I'm unable to help clean up after dinner or do the dishes, due to the overwhelming sick feeling I have right now, and the pain coming back as the meds wear off. So, Gus is left to do the dishes alone, again. It's hard to get over the guilt of not being able to contribute to the housework at all. I'm not a good roommate, to say the least.

It's getting to be the time of year for another piano recital for my students. That means I have to pick a date, which is always difficult, since I don't want anyone to be left out due to scheduling conflicts. That also means that I should start to choose and prepare a piece to perform, since I like to do that each recital. It gives me something fun to think about, since I actually do like playing the piano, even though I don't do it too much anymore.