Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Symptom Watch

Saturday night, I had a torture headache overnight into the day Sunday. This headache was over the eyes, worse over the left eye, radiating throughout my head. The pain level was very high and constant for about 24 hours, making sleep mostly impossible, and finding a comfortable position to lie in truly impossible. I felt a constant urge to pull my head up in different directions, making me think that it was likely an instability headache. It was pure agony. I had to resort to a large amount of pain meds and sedatives to help me get through the torture.

A problem I've been having for months now is difficulty sleeping through the night. Some nights, I take my sleep-inducing anti-anxiety medication, and I sleep straight through the night for about 11 hours. But more and more often, I've been having nights where this fails to happen. Sometimes, it is the pain that keeps me up, and wakes me up multiple times during the night. But another problem is that I often wake up after about four hours of sleep, and I don't fall back to sleep for hours. I just lie in bed. When I do fall back to sleep, it is often a very light and fitful sleep. I did a sleep study a few years back, when I was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome. I don't really feel that that's the problem right now, but I'm not concerned enough to get another sleep study done. At least not right now.

With the symptoms getting worse and more frequent, I'm getting more and more anxious for my next surgery.