Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting worse, not better

The flu swab came back negative, but since I have been continuing to get worse, the doctor prescribed a 3-day course of Prednisone. I was hesitant to take it, so I didn't start it yesterday. But when I woke up with an even higher fever today, and every day getting worse, I decided to start the Prednisone. It's known to have bad side effects, particularly for me, but I'm desperate.

I slept almost all day today. I thought I was feeling a bit better after my last nap, but my fever is back along with most of my symptoms. The only thing that is a little better is the body aches, but the fever is worse than ever. Ugh. And it's Friday night, so I have to start feeling better. I won't be able to see a doctor all weekend. It's definitely time to start getting better.