Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Singing...such a bad idea

So I was teaching a piano lesson tonight, and the parents requested that I teach the student some voice, as well. There were multiple problems with this situation. #1 There was no piano bench or chair of any kind to sit on by the piano, so I was either standing, kneeling, or sitting on the floor. That caused pain in my joints and dizziness/POTS symptoms from standing. #2 Teaching a voice lesson involves some amount of singing. I also had to work on diaphragmatic breathing with the student. I have some vocal know-how, because I've taken some voice lessons, and I've been in choirs my whole life. But I can no longer sing. It causes so many symptoms for me.

So, I left the lesson falling down in the driveway, and scarily making my way home. I then had to walk to the house, which I did after many more falls on the pavement. Now that I'm home, my head is absolutely exploding, and I still have no sense of balance.

So, I've definitely learned that singing is still on the list of BANNED ACTIVITIES.

If only I could convince the parents of the student that I am unable to provide vocal instruction. I could try to only give instruction, but demonstration is always necessary. I'm very frustrated that I made myself worse, even though I knew better.