Friday, May 22, 2009

Ice picks

So, last night, I was easily exhausted, and fell asleep quickly (that's not usually my problem). I awoke at 3:30, which wasn't unexpected, as this happens quite often these days (4 nights in a row now). Of course, my Ambien CR is still in the process of being approved. But I'm scared to take it every night and become dependent. Anyway, I woke up with another ice pick headache. It feels just how I imagine a trans-orbital lobotomy would feel (you know, the kind where they stuck an ice pick right over someone's eye and shifted it from side to side). Anyway, this time it was my right eye. Even when I got into a position with traction that lessened the pain, I was unable to fall back to sleep, as my mind was racing. It now takes two .5 doses of Klonopin to let me fall back to sleep (another example of building up a tolerance). Last night, it took the addition of a Vicodin to allow me to sleep. Hopefully the Ambien will help me solve this problem (although it only seems to allow me to sleep from 10:30 PM until 5:30 AM, which just isn't close to enough sleep for me).

So, even though I still have the ice pick headache, I've got some things to get done. My friend, Juan, has inspired me to gather the necessary paperwork/medical information needed to send to Dr. Menezes. I don't have any idea if I would actually have surgery done by a different doctor, but I hope to see him so I have every possibility available to me. It will also be nice to get a new perspective on my situation.

So, my job is to get:
*Copies of X-rays and MRI's done last year
*Copy of surgical reports from NY
*Referal from Dr. Shah to see Dr. Menezes
*Written history of symtpoms/surgeries

Lots of work to do. We'll see what I can get done before the holiday weekend.