Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The following are the medicines I take daily:
*Midodrine--this medicine is a vasocontrictor, it helps your veins to constrict, thus raising dangerously low blood pressure
*Seasonique--low dose birth control pill, 13 week cycle, reduces the frequency of migraines
*Nexium--to treat Gastric-Esophageal Reflux Disease
*Zyrtec--to help with severe allergies to everything
*Thermotabs--salt tablets that increase fluid absorption, raising blood pressure
*Provigil--to prevent daytime sleeping due to Narcolepsy. If I don't take this medicine, I am not allowed to drive.
*Lithium--a kind of salt. I was frequently suicidal for 10 years until I began this medicine. I haven't been suicidal since.

*Vitamin D
*Vitamin C

Please notice that none of these daily medications treat pain.

I use the following methods to treat pain:
*Sleep at least 10 hours every night.
*Rest in bed 90% of the time.
*Ice packs for certain headaches.
*Heating pads for muscle relaxation or intestinal cramps.
*Peppermint oil capsules for intestinal cramps.

Notice that this involves dramatic lifestyle changes. I am unable to live a normal life. I work 2 hours a day, 4 days a week, when possible. I very rarely socialize.

If none of these work for my pain, I then resort to a medication.
*Vicodin--I take half of the lowest adult dose.
*Darvocet--I take half of the lowest adult dose.

I used to take daily meds, but a doctor was concerned that I was having rebound headaches. So I discontinued my daily Advil and Tylenol. Nothing changed.

So, I know that it seems scary to take a lot of medication. But I am being closely monitored by my doctors and myself. It is the way that I cope with multiple chronic illnesses and endless pain. Please don't fault me for needing to resort to prescription pain medication at times. I am doing my best to survive. However, don't be concerned that I have any kind of addiction. I average taking one dose of a narcotic per week. I also have my liver enzymes checked by my primary care doctor, to be sure that I am not causing any damage.