Friday, June 19, 2009

Home alone

I'm home alone on a Friday night, and I'm actually fine with it. I think that's a good sign for my self esteem. Although it might just mean that I'm becoming agoraphobic, due to my dislike of crowds, my fatigue, and my need to be horizontal most of the time. Nonetheless, I'm sure in a less secure time in my life, or when I'm feeling sad about my life, I wouldn't be happy to have a night to myself.

It was a rough, fatigued day, because it was hot and humid, and our air conditioning didn't seem to be cooling the house very well. It sounded like it was running, but nothing was actually coming out of the big vents in the hall.

I'm officially not allowed to spend any more money for a long time. The only big thing I've bought this month is my gps device, the delivery of which I'm anxiously awaiting. I think it was a good purchase, because it comes with traffic updates with no ongoing fees. That should really help me in planning my route up to Milwaukee each week starting in August! I know that traffic will be key to making the drive short enough to survive. So, it wasn't a bad purchase. But add that to a few medications, new contacts, and a few "non-essential" purchases, and you get one scary credit-card bill!

Well, I missed dinner tonight, so I'm going to go eat a baby spinach salad. I'm not sure what else I can eat right now, only because I'm pretty nauseated.

I would love a massage tonight. I ordered the thera cane, so soon, I'll be able to see if I'm able to give myself some trigger point therapy. With the crazy rock-hard muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders and lower back, it seems like they must be contributing to this monstrous headache. My head is seriously killing me always. But my spine is really painful tonight, too, in quite a few places. My knees are also killing me. I stood up at a store for about 20 minutes, which was a pretty stupid idea. My body is hurting all over now. But it's nice to be home and out of the rain.

I have some news: I have actually agreed to visit my cousin's chiropractor. But before you freak out, please know that I am completely against having anything in my spine cracked. No adjustments! I agreed to go with him, because he actually provides other treatments, including trigger point therapy, electric muscle stimulation, and physical rehab. However, I'm only go to meet him and see what treatment he would offer and how much it would cost. It's important to note that none of this treatment would be covered by insurance, so I probably won't be able to do anything.

Maybe the best idea would be to get a prescription for trigger point massage, which my massage therapist can't do without a specific prescription. But if she does it, it WILL be covered by insurance, completely.

Okay, need to eat. I also hope to go to sleep early tonight so I can get my schedule back on track.